Imsellingmyboat.com is owned and managed by Boatsbrokerage LTD

Having been Brokers for several years, we have seen the impact that the internet, social media and on-line market places, has had on boat sales and realised that it is time things changed. The average fee charged by brokers is 6% with minimum fees charged between £1500 and £5000.

The most important part of selling boats is the quality and honesty of the images. The more accurately the boat is portrayed then the more likely that it will be sold to one of the first few people to view it.

People come a long way to view a boat and they need to see what they are expecting to see.

Boat owners often feel that brokers aren’t giving the attention to selling their boats that you, the owner would give.

Now is the chance to change that.

We are a platform that allows you to photograph & video your own boat and upload the media directly to us.

We then manually check the quality of your images before loading them onto our site

Your boat has it’s own web-page on this site

with a link that you can share with Brokers or social media sites – anyone.

You can view a sample page here

Whilst your boat is on this site, it is also for sale and seen by thousands.

If you sell your boat yourself, through this site, then great! No brokers fee, if you want to involve a broker then give them the link to your boat page so they can copy the images and inventories and get it up for sale with them quicker

Your page also has it’s own contact box, that does not show your email address. Potential buyers contact you directly for further information and to book a viewing directly with you.

If you want your telephone number displayed on your page then that is OK too

You conduct the viewing, answer questions and negotiate a price.

Unlike the majority of other major listing sites, your page with imsellingmyboat.com, is uncluttered, does not bombard the viewer with advertising and most importantly does not show the people, viewing your page, details of other similar boats – we concentrate on your boat.

You may not be looking to sell your boat immediately but would sell for a price perhaps above the market value. This service allows you to do this without pressure from a broker to reduce the price.

If you want us to conduct a viewing (sometimes buyers feel more comfortable if the owner isn’t present) then you can read about this here

All we ask is that once you have sold your boat, you let us know so that we can remove it and prevent you getting unnecessary telephones and emails.

If you would like us to photograph your boat, and it is between weymouth and eastbourne then we can do this too.

To get your boat it’s own webpage and to read more about our services, then ‘click’ here.